07 January 2010

That moment...

There's a special moment in knitting - when the pattern has been followed and has been set aside, all the tails have been woven in, and the object is just a little bit damp still from blocking - when you can drape the object on the back of your knitting chair and say, "There! It's finished!" I also love the moment when, after getting back to real life, you walk back into that room, maybe with an armful of laundry, and see that object as if for the first time. There's a slight intake of breath and a faint smile on your lips. Years have conditioned you not to go running through the house, waving your arms in the air (memories of Home Alone - "I made my family disappear!"), and generally making a fool of yourself.

Actually, maybe an occasional outburst wouldn't be such a bad idea. Just make sure that the dog has been put in another room, and the UPS man isn't standing at your door.

So, I felt a little like that when this was first displayed on my knitting chair. It's called Eighteen and will soon be available on Ravelry with the other Nonsuch Knits patterns.

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  1. I can't wait to see more!

    (Have fun this weekend!)