22 January 2010

New Mexico and a Sundae

I'm back from a long weekend in Taos, New Mexico, where I enjoyed great food, great shopping, and fabulous friends. One of the highlights was going to Taos Clay where owner Logan Wannamaker, Max, and Alex led us through glazing pottery, and then (yikes) throwing our own clay. They were knowledgable, friendly, and most of all very patient!

Stephanie, Shelley, Eve, Alisa, Debbie, me (with our pottery, and various wine glasses)

Max and Alex - Thanks guys!

Then on to yarn...after all, we all met at Shelley and Eve's yarn shop just north of Houston, Twisted Yarns.

In Taos we bought yarn from New Mexico at The Yarn Shop. We then walked around the corner (it's so easy to get around Taos) to drool over the yarns and colors at La Lana Wools. A few years ago I picked out two of their Forever Random Fines to make the Dream Pillow, by Wendy Siera, for their One Skein Wonder kits.

My example

We then completed helping the local economy with a stop at Weaving Southwest, where I hear there is a weekly Knit Night. I wish I could have been there to sit and knit. The atmosphere in Taos is so relaxed. Any of your worries just fade into the starry nights.

Our one-day trip down to Santa Fe resulted in Native jewelry purchases and a "fiber feeding frenzy" (tri-F) at Tutto. They carry Isager (ea'-say-er) yarns and tempted me beyond all reason with this lace-weight alpaca:

Okay, you've been patient...here's our ultra-simple recipe for...

Friends-in-Taos Sundae

Start with ice cream in a bowl (flavor and size of bowl is your choice), and cover with hot fudge from The Shed in Santa Fe. Next top with crumbled oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies (thanks Stephanie), and finally top with a healthy dose of Baileys (original flavor), and dig in.

Serving size: 1 oz to 1/2 gallon

Calories - Get serious

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  1. It looks like an absolutely fabulous trip! You all look like you made the most of your time together! <a href="http://www.twistedknitter.com>Janet</a>