05 May 2011

Lego Post (Bits and Pieces)

Nonsuch Knits is now on Facebook. Just don't laugh when you realize that I have no idea what to do with it! Honestly, I wish someone would write how-to instructions for the technological illiterate. Jeesh. I promise to get "buttons" and "banners", etc., but my kids are all celebrating Cinco de Mayo tonight, so my questions for them will have to wait till tomorrow. (We were absolute Mexican cuisine failures tonight, eating a pasta dish from an Ottolenghi cookbook along with a Californian red wine.)

I met Debbie Macomber today. (I said "Hi" to her once at Stitches, but I won't count that.) She was in Omaha to speak at a fund-raiser dinner for The Omaha Hearing School. We had a lovely few-minute-conversation, and something may come of it in the future. I wish I could come across to people as half as friendly as she truly appears to be. By that I mean to say that she is one of those delightful people who makes you feel as if you are the most important person in the room while she is speaking with you. When I grow up I'd like to be like Debbie!

More exciting news is that I will be at the TNNA Market in June! Brown Sheep Yarn will be displaying several of my new designs for a trunk show. I'll be at their booth during the day and then enjoying my evenings with some of the Twisted Gals from Twisted Yarns. (I was just trying to think of some witty way to mention mixing work with pleasure, when it dawned on me that this trip will be ALL pleasure! Please, fiber and friends? What's not to enjoy?)

Knit on!

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