17 February 2010

Me & Mac (Poor grammar...I know)

The Mac in my life is my new Mac Pro. Lovely, exciting, and making me slightly crazy. I am the last person who would ever put my name and the term techie together. All that I know of computers has come to me with lots of sweat and tears. On Sunday I was ready to throw this computer out my window into a snow bank. For all of Monday I "taught it a lesson" by ignoring it completely! Our poor dog, Jesse, a 5 year old British Lab, spent the day keeping a wary eye on me. Poor thing. I hate to see the dogs worry when my mood hits the skids.

I've been having troubles moving my files form one computer to another - and I need to get them moved over quickly. There are patterns waiting to be written, photos to be uploaded, and some darn good tunes to be played. So, this morning I went trudging over the hill for my personal lesson where I was greeted by the calmest, most relaxed teacher I have ever come across. Bless her for patiently listening to my ranting, addressing my concerns, and then miraculously realizing that I had missed their offering of setting up this computer and transferring my files. I hope the store asks me to rate my experience this morning, for I will give her the kudos she deserves!

Suddenly the sun beamed brighter, food tasted better, and the birds sang sweeter. There is a light shining at the end of this technological tunnel. In 48 hours I'll be stumbling along, but at least I'll be moving forward.

For now I'll continue contentedly with my ancient craft of knitting. The familiarity of the yarn slipping between my fingers and the gentle sound of needle hitting needle will soothe my soul. My 2010 Olympic Knitting Challenge is moving along nicely...and it's a good night to cheer on Apolo Ohno on the Short Track!


  1. I can sympathize with your computer woes. I got a MacBook for Christmas, and I am still trying to figure it out. Luckily for me, Sarah and her husband, Sean, both have Macs and have been helping me out.

  2. Ha! Precisely! So many of my friends kept selling me on the virtues of a MacBook..."It's the best! I just took it out of the box and everything made so much sense!" I think it was a conspiracy. Shh.