11 February 2010


I have always loved parties and events. Birthday parties were always great as I was growing up. Our family was small-ish, and we all lived in or around New Jersey. Birthdays were family gatherings. The birthday "child" of any age would get to choose the meal, flavor of the home-made layer cake, blow out the candles after the traditional "Happy Birthday" song was sung (my father has always loved coconut cake and I have fond memories of the grown-ups picking coconut out of their coffee cups after the candles were blown out), and then, finally, the presents could be opened.

January 1, 2000? Oh, boy. We were all gathered at my parents home (now in North Carolina) were we had spent the last day of the previous millennium watching the festivities as they progressed around the world.

For the majority of my adult life we have lived too far away from family to continue with the "all-relative" gatherings, and I miss that deeply. My friends, in person and over the web, have taken up much of that slack. So, it stands to reason that I would get drawn to the 2010 Knitting Olympics organized by Stephanie Pearl-McFee, The Yarn Harlot. I was involved with this 4 years ago, when I was working at Twisted Yarns. I knit Judy Sumner's "Wave Lace Tunic" with Lorna's Laces "Helen's Lace", casting on during the opening ceremony and binding off before the flame was extinguished. I still love that top and wear it often.

Now comes the dilemma. What will I knit? It should be a challenge in keeping with all the athletes striving for gold. And I understand that even if I am a raving lunatic for 17 days, there will be an end. It's just that I have an unusually massive amount of UFOs.

There is a sweater:

"Starlight Baby" from Arnhild's Knitting Studio for this little girl:

my grand-daughter, Audrey;

a baby blanket I'm designing for her baby brother, due to be born in April:

and an EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket for the same baby:

It's not that 3 unfinished projects is a record breaking amount. After all, there are dozens of other UFOs stashed in every corner of this house. It's more that I have deadlines for these projects.

I was thinking of knitting, for me, another Norwegian sweater for the Knitting Olympics, but started tossing and turning in bed last night just thinking of the hours and hours of semi-manic knitting that would need to be done in 17 days.

So...I've had an afghan's worth of this

for a couple of years, plus some design ideas rattling around in my head. I think this might be a little more manageable. An afghan is still a handful (okay, lapful) but it doesn't have sleeves. Sleeves...now there's a whole other topic! I need to decide today since the Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow night.
But first...I need to make a cake for my husband's birthday!


  1. I can't wait to see what you decide to work on. I love that Silk Garden.

    We were just missing you today at the shop and I raised (and ate) some anniversary goodies in your honor and nothing stronger to drink than coffee :-) I heard some other good news today too, btw!

    BTW, Happy Birthday, Mr. Nonsuch!

  2. I can almost taste Jerri's goodies. I'd love one with a good cup of coffee.

    Thanks for reading me!