12 August 2010

Dog Days of Summer and Preparing for Winter

First the preparation part. I just finished sewing the buttons on this adorable "romper" from Dale of Norway. It's located in Book # 203 and is pattern 20302. Since they don't name their patterns, that's all I can tell you! I knit it Baby Ull, color 5701, an Ice Blue. There's a simple-to-knit little pattern at the leg cuffs, and then again around the bodice. But, correct me if I'm wrong - I think there is a big mistake in their pattern. (Not that I've ever written a pattern with mistakes! Ha!)

There's a little chart with symbols, but basically, Row 1 is the Right Side and all knit. Row 2 (Wrong Side) all knit again. So now we have 2 rows garter stitch. Row 3 (RS) reads "Knit 1, slip 1 st on RS (okay, I'm working on RS, so just slip one stitch) with yarn at WS". (Slip stitch with yarn held away from me on WS). (Knit, slip, knit, slip.) Now comes Row 4 (WS) - Knit 1, "slip 1 st on WS with yarn at RS". (Slip 1 stitch on WS, where I am, and with yarn on RS which is away from me, again.) Following those directions, the slipped stitches on Row 3 are at the back and the slipped stitches on Row 4 are at the front giving a pattern that looks like this:

However, when closely examining the photo of the little cardigan that goes with this set and can be knit with up to three colors, it's obvious that all the slipped stitches should be on the Wrong Side. (Slight, grrrr.) It's still a cute little pattern, but I'll have to change it when I knit the cardigan in white and ice blue.

This will be a nice and warm little romper for Caleb when he's born into an Omaha autumn, followed closely by an Omaha winter! All that is to come is hard to imagine when we've been having a very Houstonian summer. The Weather Channel is on now..."hot and humid...". But the weather is supposed to break tomorrow with a high of 82. Yippee!

And so on to the dog days of summer:

The bum at the top left is Jessie, with Keltie hugging her new friend from Virginia, Joy. Mornings around here are interesting with three dogs needing to go out and then being fed. But, at least they get along well together!

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  1. Cute romper even if the pattern has problems. Love the photo of the dogs. It really is the dog days of summer around here, too.