07 June 2010

Still Kickin'

(Hunh. I started writing this on June 7, but needed to be away from my laptop for a few days. It seems I can't fix the date. It's now June 16. One more of those mysterious computer moments!)

It's been an unusual last couple of weeks, and that seemed to sap my creativity. (Thanks to those of you who have been checking in and waiting for the next post!) I did keep knitting (well, duh), but really enjoyed following patterns written by others! I just finished these:

Little Dude jeans called Blu from Knitty - Winter '05, and designed by Christina Bernardi Shiffman and Kay Gardiner, the Mason-Dixon Knitters. My example was knit following the 3-6 month directions and will be good for Ashley's (DD3) due-in-October baby, Caleb. There's a happy/sad story to this...

Ashely's hubby, Phillip, is set to be deployed in August, so she'll be moving to Omaha while he's away. That means...she'll be here for Caleb's birth...and we'll have a newborn in this house! Hopefully, Phillip will be able to get "leave" to be here for the birth, but I'll be getting geared up to become the substitute coach! (Exciting, though I do break out in nervous sweats at times!)

I was thinking of keeping these jeans as a surprise for Ashley, but they're just too darn cute not to share! It would be fun to make them "girlie", if needed, with some embroidery. Maybe hearts on the back pockets, or flowers up the legs.

Now I want to knit up a bigger size for Adam. He can wear them in the fall, and then share with his cousin when they're too small for him.

Speaking of Adam...He's 9 weeks old now, and according to Anne, he's a big bunch of smiles and coo's. (Repeat after me, "Awwww.")

(Since I started writing this post I have completed a couple other items. Pictures to follow, shortly.)


  1. Those little jeans are so cute! I will keep Ashley and Phillip in my prayers. Where is Phillip being deployed to?

  2. Thanks, Sallie! Phillip is in the Navy, so will be on a boat, in some sea!